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Speech, Presentation and Paper Writing and Coaching Services

Speech and Presentation Writing, Editing and Coaching Services

Anxiety and Stress Reduction Services

Taking the fear out of speaking by changing your “Self Talk” with cognitive modification (CM), developing stress management skills training (ST), and systematic desensitization (SD) skills to less your stress level.  Dr Doty’s students have decreased their anxiety up to 64%~!

Student Testimonials

Kirby White

I wanted to thank you for teaching managerial communication to me a few quarters ago. Last night, my team won a business pitch competition and walked home with the $4,000 grand prize. When we finally got to talk to the judges, the first thing that we heard was “Well, I have to congratulate you because your presentation was absolutely textbook perfect.” While I politely said “thank you,” I just laughed to myself and hoped that Duarte would be proud of the story we told. Even the small things that you pointed out during our 3 minute presentations like “don’t have too much text, keep it simple and clean. Don’t show all your points at once, have them appear as you present them” were so helpful in creating our presentation.


Thanks Dr. Doty! That's so nice to hear. I really enjoyed how you always brought a great attitude, and how the class built on itself. It was easier giving my final presentation because of the elevator pitch and the dress rehearsal, all combined with helpful feedback. Plus, I'm so happy to have heard about Duarte and her work. I've already started to apply her principals to my monthly presentations.


I certainly felt driven to ‘conquer’ this, as public speaking in general has never been a skill of mine. I practiced and made small tweaks to the presentation every day since about Saturday! My poor wife probably knows it by heart. It definitely helped to have the practice/feedback model, and I before class you’d think I was in some kind of Lamaze training with all the breathing I was doing. There was also a fair bit of toe clenching! I’m just glad it worked. I’ve appreciated your positivity and encouragement! It can’t be easy trying to keep the energy up with 20-some silent faces staring back at you hahaha. Zoom is certainly different! But your commitment to making us feel comfortable and positive about our work and study really made a big difference for me!
Thank you so much!

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